10 beautiful photos of Rijeka that will inspire you to visit

Winter or summer, Rijeka is a charming place to visit and explore. Rijeka will surprise you with it’s architecture, stunning views and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. ARCHITECTURE – from palaces (Modello, Ploech, Turkish House, Adria, Veneziana, Casa Rosa, Rijeka skycraper, City hall…), to churches (St.Vitus cathedral, church of Our Lady of Lurdes, Synagogue, Mosque…), there are so many different styles of Rijeka’s architecture that stand as witnesses of different monarch through the time.

2. SPORTS CENTER KANTRIDA – Sport complex with many types of open and closed swimming pools, gym and wellness. It stands above the beach Ploče, with the crystal clear water and amazing views.

3. PEDESTRIAN ONLY KORZO – most vibrant city promenade, full of coffee bars and restaurants with terraces and shops, alive by day and by night.

4. KOSTRENA QUARTER – along the 3 km sea promenade Kostrena you can find several beaches as well as many beach bars and restaurants and catch the beautiful sunset.

5. TERMINAL 7 – in 4 km long walk to the end of the ship terminal and back, enjoy the view of one of the most expensive yachts and catamarans which fights for its domination with palaces and skyscrapers in the background.

6. MONUMENTS – so many stories can be told from lots of Rijeka’s monuments. Find them on your own or with a guide.

7. THE VIEWS – almost every part of Rijeka stands couple of hundreds of meters above the sea level, and you can experience stunning views from almost every point in the city. If you find apartment in one of many skyscrapers, the view like this is guaranteed.

8. SABLICEVO BEACH –picture speaks louder than words. This is my favorite Rijeka’s beach.

9. TRSAT FORTRESS -The thirteenth century Trsat castle, whose site has been in use from Roman days for being an easy place from which to control access to the sea along the Rječina River, is situated on the steep hill overlooking the Rječina, just above the town of Rijeka.

10. KASTAV: built on a 365 m high hill overlooking the Kvarner Gulf, it’s history dating back to prehistoric times which is borne out by numerous archeological finds. When you visit Kastav don’t miss a hike through Kastavska Šuma, where you can find 3 hiking trails. The short one is named Puž (Snail), easy one, and it is 5.3 km long. Middle one is named Zec (Rabbit) and it is 9.8 km long. Third and longest one is named Srna (Roe Deer) and it is 15.8 km long.

“You don’t need a magic to disappear. All you need is destination”.