How to spend 5 amazing days in Rijeka (from a local)


Legend says: “One who tastes the tap water in Rijeka, always comes back for more”. According to our guests who keep coming back to Rijeka, we can say that the legend might be true.

Rijeka was the European capital of culture 2020. Here you can admire historic palaces, swim in the crystal clear sea, hike kilometers national parks trails, and enjoy delicious seafood restaurants. Rijeka has the perfect geographical location. By car, it is only 1.5 hours from Zagreb, 2 hours from Venice, 30 minutes from Postojna Cave in Slovenia and 2 hours from Plitvice Lakes.

The best way to explore Rijeka is by car, or local public transportation.

Vibrant Korzo Around 11:00 AM


Start with your morning coffee on Korzo, the pedestrian only promenade and watch as the town wakes up. Sit at one of the many terraces on Korzo, or in coffee bars near the market place.

Fish Market

After coffee check out Rijeka’s daily farmers market for local colorful fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Be sure to walk into the fishery where you can buy fresh local fish directly from fisherman. I recommend orada (bream), brancin (sea bass), oslic (hake), kvarner’s prawns or sardines.

Kamov Statue

Near the market place, visit Rijeka’s Ivan Zajc theatre. Continue to Titov Trg and take a photo with Kamov – Rijeka’s famous poet.

For brunch or lunch outside choose from a several excellent and affordable restaurants. Almost every restaurant has a brunch/lunch menu available from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. for very affordable price. Restaurants and taverns around the farmers market such as Na Kantunu, Fiume or Mornar, are the best choice.

Grobnik Castle

In the evening visit the romantic Trsat Castle where you can take amazing photos of city and watch the sunset.

If you’re interested in castles, you’ll also find one in Grobnik. It stands 466 m above sea level between river Rječina with one side and Grobnik field on the other.

Place to stay in the Rijeka center:
1. Apartment Evie – central historical quarter
2. Apartment Rio
3. Apartment Lux Home



Visit museums in the center, Peek and Poke, Museum of Modern Art or Maritime and History museum which is placed in former Governor’s Palace, beautiful historic building.

Wander the streets of old town, visit St. Vitus cathedral and the leaning tower. Explore Kastav, the old town with an amazing view of Kvarner bay, lunch at restaurant “Loža”. From there continue to Volosko, try delicious desert in “Kao kakao” gelateria.

Take a walk along the sea using the seaside promenade “Lungo Mare” from Volosko to Opatija.

Sablićevo Beach

Explore Rijeka’s beaches.

Only 7 km from Rijeka center you can find beautiful Kostrena. There are several beaches along the Kostrena coast, with bars and restaurants. If you like diving you can check our Diving Center Kostrena.

3 km from Rijeka center there is another beautiful, beach named Ploče, Kantrida quarter. Never too crowded and you can find a piece of paradise just for yourself.
More info about other Rijeka’s beaches.

Apartment near the beach Ploče: Apartment Kantrida

One of my favorite beaches is beach Sablićevo – Pećine quarter. The turquoise water is so clear that you can see through it.

Place to stay near beach Sablićevo:
1. Apartment Sablicevo
2. Apartment Lux Home

Zeleni Vir

Take a break from the beach and cool down among the trees and meadows of Gorski Kotar, known as the”lungs of Kvarner”.

Zeleni Vir” is a great place to start. Located near Skrad, just a 40 minutes drive from Rijeka, it is surrounded by trees, green rills, and waterfalls this is one of the best kept secrets near Rijeka. Sometimes the temperature difference can be 10 degrees, so bring the long sleeves. Be careful when driving as the road from one point is very tight and steep, wear your sneakers – some parts can be slippery if you climb up to the cave, or waterfall. On your way back stop at Fužine. Stroll around the lake and try local wild meet specialties in restaurant “Bitoraj” or “Volta”.

Baška Beach

Explore our biggest island Krk.

Island Krk is easy accessible by car. In Krk you’ll find the gorgeous beach Baška located at the end of the island. Places worth visiting: hilltop town Vrbnik popular for wine tasting.

Stop in Krk town and explore the narrow streets of old town. Biserujka cave is located on the north east part of the island close to Šilo. Picturesque islet of Košljun with a museum within the monastery located on islet.

Lubenice Beach

Take a ferry to Cres.

Majestic island of Cres is well worth visiting for several reasons. If you still didn’t try Croatian lamb, Cres is a perfect place for that.

Furthermore, in the village Lubenice there is one the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world! Lubenice stands 378 m above sea level and the view to beach from there is just stunning. You can reach the beach by the boat, or by the foot from the village which takes 1 hour down and probably 2 hours up. If you like hiking this is a must do!

If you’re looking for more adventures and the beauties of the Adriatic sea, try the coastal drive from Rijeka to Dubrovnik. It is one of the most scenic in the world!