9 stunning views near Rijeka for landscape photographers

Because of its position surrounded by hills and mountains when in Rijeka, don’t miss the opportunity to shoot some phenomenal landscape photos. Here are some of my favorite spots:

The View from Kastav


beautiful old town Kastav stands 350 m above the sea level. Its history is dating back to 12th century when it was built as castle with 9 towers.

The best in Kastav, besides the great restaurants and cute old town streets is view from terrace in front of church of St. Jelena. The open view reaches the entire Kvarner bay, islands Cres, Krk and mountain Učka.

The View from Veli Vrh


For tourists less known hill in Rijeka but not with less stunning view. This hill is mostly known among the Rijeka’s locals. You can drive here with a car, all the way to the top.

The view spreads from river Rječina, old town Grobnik with its castle, surrounding places Hreljin, Draga all the way to Kostrena bay and to the other side to the part of Rijeka, Drenova quarter. You can also find here the remains of former bunkers that were used in World War II.

The View from Trsat Castle


Trsat is well known part of Rijeka because of its medieval castle, but also one of the breathtaking views of Rijeka. When in Trsat do not miss the cathedral of our Lady of Assumption and monument of Pope Ivan Pavao II who visited Rijeka in 2003.

In the summer time you can enjoy different shows inside of Trsat Castle but also during the winter time the Trsat Advent is worth visiting.

Molo Longo at Night


Molo Longo is the name for ferry terminal, 2 km long pier – take an easy walk along Rijeka’s Molo Longo and enjoy the skyline of Rijeka from the sea.

Molo Longo is the place where you can stroll, run or drive a bicycle but also enjoy the view of luxury yachts, fisherman’s boats, cranes and Rijeka’s historical palaces.

The View from Draga di Lovrana Hotel


Lovranska Draga is placed 388 m above the sea level, where you can find a small family run hotel and restaurant “Draga di Lovrana” located at the top of the cliff.

Lovranska Draga is some 20 km away from Rijeka and it can be quickly reached by car. The view is just unforgettable! There is also a hiking trail near the hotel with nice waterfall. This restaurant is a proud winner of the first Michelin star earned in 2020.

The Top of Učka Mountain


The best view of Kvarner Bay is from mountain Učka. Učka stands 1400 m above the sea level. Don’t worry, top of the mountain can be easily reached by car, but if you feel like hiking just leave a car near the restaurant “Dopo Lavoro”, from there you have 7 km to the top. There are 2 routes, one following the road and other through marked woods.

At the top you can see the entire Opatija riviera, Istria, Rijeka’s bay, north Adriatic sea with islands, mountain Velebit and during the really clear weather even part of Italy.

The View from Platak


Platak is a ski resort with a sea view! It has several ski trails, also the baby trail. The highest point is Radeševo (1360 m). Great for skiing during the winter and for hiking during the spring and summer. Those with great hiking skills can hike all the way to National Park Risnjak.

The View from Mošćenice


Mošćenice is medieval fortified town located on the 133 m high hill, 14 km away from Opatija. Access to the town is possible only one way through the city doors, while from the other side town is surrounded by hillside which spreads all the way to the sea.

At the bottom of Mošćenice in a sea level lies well known tourist place Mošćenička Draga with its beautiful pebble beach and turquoise colored water. During the high season can often be crowded.

Lokve Lake Seen from the Lujzijana Road


Half an hour driving from Rijeka and you will be in a green paradise of Gorski Kotar. Small town Lokve with its beautiful Lokve Lake is worth visiting because of gorgeous view that spreads from the main road Lujzijana. It is and old road which connects Rijeka and Karlovac, it’s 140 km long and it was here a long before the highway. It was built from 1803 till 1811 and the name comes from the daughter of emperor Franz II.

The scenic drive along this road is amazing. Don’t miss to visit the Frog’s museum in the center of Lokve and to try Frog’s specialties in Lokve’s restaurant. Treat yourself with homemade desert berries strudel, because berries grows especially well in this part of Croatia.