Best spots to catch a sunset in Rijeka

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we have the best spots to catch a sunset in Rijeka.

Sun is going down behind the Učka mountain, so find a place that is facing the mountain. Our recommendations:

1.Molo Longo – go behind the Terminal 7 building so you can have an open space in front of you.

2. Most hrvatskih branitelja – the bridge in Rijeka center, across the Mrtvi kanal.

3. Riva boduli – the street that leads you toward Terminal and marina, which is a home of one of the most expensive yachts.

4. Učka – climb at top of the mountain, you can come almost to the top by car.

5. Kostrena – walking trail near the sea.

6. Kantrida beach Ploče – winter or summer, beach Ploče in Kantrida quarter is a beautiful beach to visit and enjoy in one of the most stunning sunsets in Rijeka.

7. Alpaca apartment – book our Alpaca apartment, sit on the balcony with a glass of good Croatian wine and catch the amazing sunset from there.

“Don’t forget, beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies” Paulo Coelho