Fun Activities in Rijeka for the Whole Family

Rijeka, Croatia is a perfect destination for families looking for a fun and memorable vacation. With its beautiful beaches, fascinating museums, and unique cultural experiences, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. To help you plan your family’s itinerary, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities in Rijeka that are sure to be a hit with the whole family:


1. Rijeka has several beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports. Some of the best beaches in the area include Slatina Beach, Kostanj Beach, and Kantrida Beach. All of these beaches offer stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and are perfect for a family day out.

Peek & Poke Computer Museum

2. The Peek & Poke Computer Museum is a fascinating attraction that showcases the history of computing technology. With interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, this museum is perfect for kids of all ages who are interested in technology and innovation.

Astronomical Centre Rijeka

3. The Astronomical Centre Rijeka is a unique attraction that offers a glimpse into the wonders of the universe. With a planetarium, an observatory, and interactive exhibits, this centre is perfect for families who are interested in astronomy and science.

Trsat Castle

4. Trsat Castle is a must-visit attraction in Rijeka. The castle dates back to the 13th century and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Kids will love exploring the castle’s towers and ramparts, while parents will appreciate the historical significance of this iconic landmark.


City Tower

5. The City Tower is another great attraction in Rijeka that is perfect for families.
The tower dates back to the 17th century and offers panoramic views of the city and the sea. Kids will love climbing to the top of the tower, while parents will appreciate the incredible views.

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