Owner reviews

  • Nenad, Austria
    Nenad, Austria

    We live in Austria and having the apartment in Rijeka. Our apartment is fully boooked almost all year round thanks to Sunny Vacation. Regarding full service,…

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  • Antonia, Rijeka
    Antonia, Rijeka

    Proffesional and honest in every aspect of business. Everything always works flawless. As soon as they took over the apartment, we started to have the reservations….

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  • Nada, Zagreb
    Nada, Zagreb

    We partner with Sunny Vacation for almost 7 years now, from the beginning of renting out our villa in Opatija. We’ve never had any problems, they…

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  • Vesna, San Francisco
    Vesna, San Francisco

    I live in the USA. We bought apartment in Rijeka 5 years ago. Mirjana, the owner of Sunny Vacation property management company helped me to find…

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  • Ratko, Rijeka
    Ratko, Rijeka

    My wife and I both work and don’t have time to take care of the apartment or guests. That’s why we are using Sunny Vacation services…

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